Professional SPACT Fighting for the Film and TV Industry

At TEAM TE-MA COMBAT we are professional Special Action (SPACT) Artistes and Historical Combat specialists.

The AOBC was formed in 1998 and our Special Action Artistes have performed in many Film and TV combat rolls as well as hundreds of major historical public and corporate stage combat events over the past 20 years.

Trained to the highest standards for Film and TV, our team can recreate fighting styles for any historical period required from pre history to Sci-fi futuristic. We also have a dedicated team of English Longbow archers. Our team and individual members have worked on many blockbuster Film and TV productions over the years from huge historical battles, Prison riots, Zombies and even battling Daleks.

Based in Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire we are perfectly situated to all the major studios around London and the south of England.

If you are a production company or casting agency who requires individual or group SPACT fighters please contact us for more information on booking us.

If you are an individual who would like the opportunity to learn to be a Special Action Artiste please check out our next training course dates and feel free to contact us for further information.

Whats is SPACT?

SPACT is an amalgamation of the words ‘Special Action’.

A Special Action Artiste in the film and TV industry is a Supporting Artiste (‘SA’ for short) with a ‘skill set’ above and beyond that of a normal SA and for this reason, trained SPACT artistes get the opportunity to perform in action scenes such as battles, riots, bar fights, etc.

One role of a SPACT artiste is to support the professional stunt artistes in action scenes. However being a SPACT artist does NOT mean you are in any way a professional Stunt artiste. The first lesson you learn as a SPACT artiste is humility. As a SPACT Artiste you will not be performing stunts on set nor will you be asked to perform stunts. You are not a Stuntman or Stuntwoman. You will be expected to bring a scene to life around any stunt action that may be happening within a scene.

However being a SPACT artiste is extremely exciting, rewarding and tiring!

Our mantra at TEAM TE-MA COMBAT is

“Safety first, Safety second, Safety third”

Correct training is paramount and a good level of fitness is essential regardless of your age to be a SPACT artiste. The film and TV industry needs faces of all ages and there is nothing that ruins an action scene more than SPACT artistes, young or old, who are worn out in the heat of battle. A scene may be shot over and over again and your last performance needs to be as full of energy as the first take.

About Us

TEAM TE-MA COMBAT  is the Film and TV theatrical fighting side of The Aisle O’var Backswording Clubbe.

The AOBC is primarily an English Martial Arts club and and trains in martial combat both

armed and unarmed. However we also touch upon some re-enactment and attend events throughout the summer events season and we also do a lot of regular work within the Film and TV industry partaking in theatrically choreographed battle and fight scenes.

TEAM TE-MA COMBAT members have worked on some of the biggest blockbuster movies as well as smaller independent films and TV historical documentaries.

We also perform at corporate events such as medieval banquets and at medieval themed weddings. Unlike martial combat, theatrical combat is a skill and discipline all of its own. Pete 'Buzzsaw' Holland and Tina Holland both trained at Young Bloods Theatrical School and gained British Academy of Dramatic Combat certification in theatrical fighting.

This was undertaken to re-enforce the many years experience of public theatrical stunt combat displays and film SPACT combat work that they have both done for over 20 years.

All the training that is given to TEAM TE-MA COMBAT members is of the highest standard in compliance with what is expected on a film set. Members are taught by instructors with many years experience in theatrical and SPACT combat using the tried and tested theatrical fighting system  of Eye contact, Preparation, Action and Reaction.

If you wish to find out more please feel free to contact us for further information.


Over many years our SPACT Artistes have had the pleasure to work on many major movies and TV shows, ranging from period pitched battles, modern day riots, Sci-fi battles, Zombie plagues, street fights and historical documentaries to mention just a few.

Below is a list of some of the productions our SPACT Artistes have had the pleasure of working on over the years.

If you require a group or just one or two trained SPACT Artistes for any production you have in mind, please contact us and we will be more than happy to help.

Heartsfelled The Identity  (2020)

The Kid that would be King (2018)

Jurassic World 2 (2018)

King Arthur - Legend of the sword (2017)

A life of Death ( Drama 2018)

Athena (2017)

Power of the Daleks (2017 independent remake)

Obsession (TV drama documentary 2017)

Guerilla (2017)

Predator - A Stag Do Parody (2016)

The Girl with all the Gifts (2016)

The Legend of Tarzan (2016)

Macbeth (2015)

Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

Eastenders (2013)

Jack the Giant Slayer (2013)

Worlds End (2013)

World War Z (2013)

The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

The Hollow Crown (2012)

Crusaders back from the dead (2011)

Reclaiming The Blade (2009)

The Quest for King Arthur (2004)


We are currently working on a new feature film called 'Heartsfelled The Identity Stealer' and therefore we have temporally put a hold on workshops until we have finished working on this shoot

Please contact us for further information

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